In the Materials Testing module, students perform a variety of realistic virtual tests and analyze results to characterize and understand the mechanical properties of various materials. Students investigate the properties of materials by measuring and comparing the tension, compression, shear, bending, creep and hardness properties of different specimens. They plot stress strain graphs and determine Young's modulus. They conduct a virtual fatigue crack growth test and plot crack growth rate as a function of stress intensity. 

Students use "virtual hands-on" hardware, such as a simulated straining unit to apply force to the specimens. A load cell and meter unit measure the force, while an extensometer indicates the displacement of a specimen.

Cat. Number: 88-3029-0000

In the Mechanisms course, students examine various components of mechanisms including gears, pulleys, levers, and more. They create several of these simple machines to observe their operation first-hand. The course also instructs students on the calculation of mechanical advantage, force, friction, work, and other measurements associated with mechanisms.

[ID# 1085]

[Cat. Number 88-3065-0000]


In this course, students are introduced to the aerospace industry and many of the fields that comprise and are associated with it. Aerospace is the research and development of craft used in the atmosphere and in space, and both areas are covered in detail. This includes a history of each, a look at the industries surrounding them, and descriptions of the environments (air and space) these vehicles travel in. Research and design are an important part of the hands-on activities of this course, giving students a chance to put into practice the scientific principles they encounter throughout the course.

[ID# 1068]

Cat. Number 88-8136-0002


In the Aviation course, students explore the basics of flight. They will have the opportunity to learn techniques used by real pilots, while controlling and navigating their own flights using flight simulator software.

[ID# 1092]

Cat. Number 88-8136-0003


Research and Design: Automotive introduces students to basic concepts of design, as well as an overview of automobile production's history. They follow the principles of research and design to create, test, and refine their own model car.

[ID# 1067]

Cat. Number 88-8136-0004