In the first course, the students develop a foundation for their future mathematical knowledge by studying number systems and working with whole numbers, integers, and fractions, as well as measurements of different types, leading up to proportions, ratios and rates.



In the second course, the material expands to include logic and settheory, as well as an overview of the Pythagorean theorem and its applications which play an important role in advanced mathematics. There is a logical progression to the next lessons, which cover volume and surface area of basic shapes such as prisms, cylinders and spheres, as well as an introduction to exponents and their applications.

[Catalog No. 88-3136-000]


the students become well-versed in many fundamental mathematical principles, including basic algebraic tenets. The first lessons begin with monomial and polynomial expressions and their various applications, leading to solving equations and the role of the law of order of operations.