Electrical Circuits (EA01A) introduces students to fundamental electrical concepts including lockout/tagout and safety, connecting circuits and measuring voltage and current. The skills-based curriculum presents hands-on activities using a digital multimeter and other industrial-grade electrical components mounted on five included Flexponent™ panels which attach to the JobMaster™ Learning Station. Electrical Circuits (EA01A) is the first in the four-course Basic Power Electricity series, which teaches the introductory electrical skills essential for success in automated manufacturing.

Cat. Number 88-EA01A-0000

Resistors and Conductors (EA01B) teaches vital skills for troubleshooting and testing circuits including measuring resistance, calculating and measuring wire size, determining losses in a wire, and drawing resistor symbols. The skills-based curriculum builds on the concepts learned in the prerequisite course: Electrical Circuits (EA01A). Adding one new Flexponent™ panel to the Basic Power Electricity series, Resistors and Conductors (EA01B) presents hands-on activities using a industrial-grade resistors, potentiometers, rheostats and coils.

Cat. Number 77-EA01B-0000

LCR Circuits (EA01C) teaches the relationships between electrical properties such as inductance, capacitance and reactance. The skills-based curriculum builds on concepts learned in the prerequisite Resistors and Conductors (EA01B) course. Using the same components they will find in industrial environments, including relays, contactors, capacitors and inductors, students learn to determine capacitance, assemble an electromagnet, induce voltage and operate transformers.EA01C includes five additional Flexponent™ panels for use with the JobMaster™ Learning Station in eleven hands-on activities.

Cat. Number 77-EA01C-0000

Motors and Generators (EA01D) delivers a complete understanding of phase relationships and the practical operation of motors and generators through activities including operating AC and DC generators, operating a series motor and demonstrating reactance and impedance. The skills-based curriculum builds on concepts learned in the prerequisite LCR Circuits (EA01C) course. Motors and Generators (EA01D) adds interactive content for eight additional hands-on activities using the Basic Power Electricity equipment.

Cat. Number 77-EA01D-0000