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In the Introduction to Industrial Design course, students are introduced to what industrial designers do. They redesign a simple office supply product, learn and practice technical drawing techniques, and are introduced to how products are made. They explore what reverse engineering is, the importance of patents, as well as what and how engineering notebooks are formatted and used. Finally, they are introduced to human factors engineering as well as rapid prototyping. They will also use 3D design software to complete several projects. 

Catalog #88-8154-0001


In this introductory course to graphic communications, students will focus on visual and graphic media. Informational content includes the history of various types of media and their impact on society. Students will experience hands-on learning by building a basic pinhole camera, operating graphics software, and developing their own distribution and advertising strategies for an independent media landscape.

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[Cat. Number 88-8150-0001]


The course involves the study of the elements of design and how to create those elements via a computer graphics program. The students will use this to design their own images.

[ID# 1080]

[Cat. Number 88-8153-0001]


Digital Photo Editing focuses on procedures for editing and manipulating digital photographs using image-editing software. First, students encounter basic editing techniques and tools, such as cropping, resizing, and saving files. Later lessons cover more complicated processes, including color adjustment and working with layers.

[ID# 1079]

[Cat. Number 88-8152-0001]


This course involves the study of digital video editing, including tools and practices commonly used by professional video editors.

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Cat. Number 88-8151-0001